Govt employees in Chandigarh demand pension restoration and job security 

The main demands of the protestors were the prompt restoration of pensions, regularisation of contract workers and speedy filling of vacant positions


Government employees in Chandigarh took to the streets in a protest, demanding the reinstatement of retirement benefits, regularisation of contract workers, and prompt filling of vacant positions. This demonstration is part of a nationwide movement led by central and state employees who are expressing their dissatisfaction with the trend of privatisation and neglect of their legitimate demands.

The federation of UT employees and workers have organised the protest in Sector 17, attracting many concerned employees. With placards in hand and voices raised, they put forth their concerns over the unresolved issues that have been plaguing the workforce.

The primary demands included the immediate restoration of pensions for retired employees, the regularisation of contract workers to provide them with job security, and the prompt filling of vacant posts to address the existing staff shortage.

Led by the chairperson of the federation, Raghbir Chand, the protestors presented a memorandum to the Prime Minister and UT administrator, urging them to initiate dialogue and take prompt action to address their grievances.

The protest in the union territory serves as a powerful reminder of the growing frustration and determination among government employees, who demand fair treatment, job security, and the fulfilment of their rightful entitlements. The protest aims to bring positive changes and ensure a brighter future for all government workers in the face of privatisation.

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