Hyatt moves to a swanky office in accord with its people’s policy


The hotel now follows evolved HR practices with relaxed grooming guidelines, unheard in the hospitality sector.

Hyatt has moved to a spanking new office space, which resonates with its new HR initiative — ‘Purpose and Care’.

The hotel now follows evolved HR practices with relaxed grooming guidelines, unheard in the hospitality sector. In its endeavour to create a fun and inspiring new work space, some of the Group’s policies have been overhauled. As per the new policy, employees needn’t wears black trousers and formal suits, unless they have a meeting. They have been given the liberty to sport smart casuals, men can grow beard, enjoy eight monthly offs and also have the authority for spontaneous decision- making.

The new swanky office is located at One Horizon Centre on Golf Course Road, at the heart of Gurgaon. Until recently, Hyatt India Consultancy had been operating from the corporate hub of CyberCity.

The company claims that the objective behind this new office was to create an environment where people can be their best every day and also provide efficient service and meaningful experiences.

“Our new office has a forward-looking and thoughtfully designed concept with fluid spaces for colleagues to work and play. With open plan seating, multiple areas for formal or informal meetings and private calls, the setting is meant to invite more interaction and collaboration between colleagues,” says an official communique.

The new office has a modern flair, which comes with an industrial-style ceiling and unique chandeliers, while vibrant colours juxtapose with warm tones to create an environment that is functional yet playful. For daydreaming or deep thinking, the new office has a panoramic view of the Golf Course and the ever-evolving Gurgaon skyline, being positioned on the 15th floor of this striking 25 storey glass building.

The boardroom, ‘Pinnacle’, and its employee restaurant, ‘KhanaPeena’, have been named by the winners of the hotel’s in-office branding competition.

Keeping with its motive to promote and nurture a positive and diverse workplace environment, employees at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts can now enjoy a cup of coffee, unwind over a game of fuss ball or be inspired by the creativity of the local street artists, who have painted the walls of the cafeteria. When it comes to meetings, its fresh new boardroom is perfect for brainstorming ideas or presenting sales figures.



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