Increase employee productivity: Japan’s KDDI introduces app to tell staff when toilets are free


The Japanese telecommunications organisation has developed a new app, which innovatively helps cut unnecessary queuing time at office toilets.

While organisations seek smarter and innovative ways to enhance productivity and prevent people from distractions, one company has nailed it. Japanese telecommunications organisation, KDDI, has come up with an innovative solution to cut unnecessary queuing time at office toilets by developing a new app.

In an endeavour to ensure that people do not face unnecessary distractions at work, the Japanese has introduced an interesting app that allows people to know just when a toilet is vacant and move from their desks accordingly. The Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based service allows employees to view the vacancy status of the nearest toilet in real time, on either their smartphones or PCs, saving employees the time spent waiting for a cubicle to become available.

The app is linked to a magnetic sensor attached to the toilet door, which detects when it is opened and closed, feeding the information back to the app. The toilet vacancy management system can even sound an alarm to the administrator 30 minutes after the toilet door has closed, to help prevent accidents or issues.

This information can also be used by office and facility managers looking to plan an efficient cleaning rota or to check how often certain facilities are utilised.

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