Indeed employees to continue WFH until July 2021

Job search engine, Indeed, feels that working remotely ensures self-isolation, which is the best way to stay safe


Organisations are increasingly considering adopting ‘remote working’ for a longer term, amidst the ongoing pandemic and related uncertainties. Realising that working from home ensures self-isolation, which is the best way to safeguard health, Indeed, the job-search engine, has told its employees to continue working from home till July, next year.

Keeping the safety and well-being of its employees as the top priority, Indeed has clearly communicated to its staff, across the globe, that nobody will be required to return to office for another year. This will give its employees the chance to plan their finances and their children’s education and school year, amongst other things.

Indeed’s team assigned the work of planning the ‘return to work’ strategy, will, in the meantime, work on possibilities of partial opening, taking into account the situation and the interests of the employees.

To ensure that the staff is able to strike a balance between professional and personal life during the work-from-home arrangement, Indeed has introduced an extra day of paid holiday each month. Aptly called ‘You Day’, it gives employees a chance to relax, take time off from official work and focus on family and self.

Many companies are waking up to the benefits of the WFH arrangement. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), for instance, is seriously thinking of moving 75 per cent of its workforce to the WFH mode in the next five years. Most companies have reported higher productivity, whereas most employees feel that WFH has reduced stress.

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