Indian graduates can now be English teaching assistants in Europe

Almost 800 Indian graduates have already made it to Europe through 'Erasmus in Schools'.


Indian graduates will now have the chance to intern for six months, as English teaching assistants at European schools and summer camps. This initiative will not only provide a chance to Indian job seekers to gain professional experience but also encourage collaboration between India and Europe in the fields of academics and culture.

Some graduates who have already availed of the opportunity have had a very fulfilling experience. Not only are they able to earn enough to sustain themselves in Europe, but they are also left with ample spare time to pursue other activities and interests. The interested candidates only need to know the English language. The knowledge of the local language is not mandatory.

The exposure to the European teaching techniques provides a rich experience, which can be applied to any field, including behaviour management, creativity, public speaking and communication.

Almost 800 students/ graduates from India have made it to Europe for interning as English teaching assistants, through the ‘Erasmus in School’ portal.

With schools from Costa Rica, Bahrain and Southeast Asia, including China and Korea also posting vacancies on the portal, the opportunities have only grown.

The only eligiblility criterion for applying for the internship, through the official website,, is to be proficient in English equivalent to C1 as per European policies. If the candidate is selected through the Skype interview, the visa process is initiated.

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