Google executive accused of sexual harassment paid hefty exit package

The senior VP of Google, who had resigned from the company following investigations into sexual harassment allegations, was apparently given a very handsome severance package.


Former senior VP of Google, Amit Singhal, had resigned from the Company following investigations into sexual harassment allegations. However, it has come to light that Singhal was apparently paid a hefty exit package when he left.

The accusation against Singhal —of groping an employee in an inebriated state at an off-site event— was found to be credible post investigations. And Singhal had resigned at the time stating he wished to spend more time with his family and on philanthropic activities. However, Singhal was reportedly paid $45 million to exit the Company and hush up the incident. The ‘exit package’ was revealed recently in a lawsuit by a shareholder, James Martin, that accused Google’s parent company, Alphabet, of being irresponsible. It objected to the Company paying executives charged with sexual harassment handsome severance packages instead of terminating them.

Singhal’s is not the lone case. Not long ago, the Company reportedly paid a $90 million exit package to Andy Rubin, head-Android division, despite him being accused of sexual harassment.

In fact, Rubin had been accused of harassment more than once. Post investigations he was left with no option but to resign in 2014. However, the resignation seems to have cost Google $90 million in the form of exit package, which was paid in instalments. Rubin received $15 million each for two years, and an amount ranging between $5 million and $15 million in the third year, on the condition that he would not join any competitor. The final instalment was paid in 2018.

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