Japan plans to hire skilled Pakistani workers

The Embassy of Japan in Islamabad has announced that Pakistan and Japan will establish strong ties to help Pakistani workers find employment in Japan.


Apparently, Japan is facing a shortage of skilled manpower and by accepting human resources from Pakistan they will be able to bridge that gap.

The Japanese Government has amended the ‘Immigration Control Act’, to create a new ‘status of residence’ comprising skilled immigrants. Interestingly, it has taken comprehensive measures to accept foreign workers in Japan.

Keeping a target to hire 3,40,000 skilled workers within the next five years, the Embassy of Japan, in Islamabad is taking the necessary steps to make this possible.

Yuji Tokita, head of the Economic and Development Section at the Embassy of Japan in Islamabad has assured that Pakistan is willing to cooperate and is interested in the job opportunities that Japan can create.

Moreover, Pakistan and Japan had signed a memorandum of cooperation in Tokyo on technical intern training programme this February, which marked the beginning of the first institutional arrangement between the two governments.

Before opening its markets for Pakistani workers, Japan entered into similar arrangements with other nations, such as Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Myanmar and Nepal.

The memorandum will contribute towards developing human resources in Pakistan, thus giving its economy a boost. Moreover, it will help to improve bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Tokita said that the intern training programme was different from the skilled worker programme, as the latter will help to establish a direct link between the Pakistani and Japanese companies in the private sector.

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