Japanese company rewards employees who enjoy at least six hours of sleep

The rest period is tracked through an app and points are awarded that can be exchanged for food.


Japanese wedding organising company, Crazy, is going out of the way to ensure that its employees get a good night’s sleep and become more productive. It is rewarding the employees who sleep for a minimum of six hours every night, for at least five days a week, with points. The employees can exchange these points for 64000 yen worth of food from the cafeteria every year. An app launched by a mattress manufacturer will track the nightly rest.

According to a survey by a health-products manufacturer, over 92 per cent of Japanese in their twenties and above are said to be suffering from lack of sufficient sleep. Japan is also known for workers committing suicide due to stress at work. The situation is attributed to acute shortage of labour and to the fact that Japanese are known to be workaholics.

However, this Company truly believes that happier employees will be more productive at the workplace. After all, only if the workers are strong, healthy and happy can the country itself be strong. Crazy also advocates better/healthy diet, regular exercise and a more positive office environment. It offers child support as well as opportunities to take company vacations.

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