Japanese firm gives extra 6 days off to non-smokers


This move is aimed at getting staff to either smoke less or quit smoking.

Taking a break for a puff is common for smokers working in an organisation. But what if their non-smoking colleagues complain that they work more than their co-workers who smoke?

Yes, the non-smoking employees of a Japanese firm, Piala Inc., complained to the Company that they work more than their smoker colleagues.

The marketing firm thought of a unique way to resolve this complain—by giving six days of additional holidays a year to make up for the time smokers take off for cigarette breaks.

Earlier, the non-smoking employees in the Company put a message in the suggestion box that the cigarette breaks, which, according to them, lasted for at least 15 minutes, were causing a problem.  

The Company took the complaint seriously and decided to give extra time off to the non-smokers to compensate for the same.

This decision by the Company is expected to have a positive impact on the employees, as they will either quit smoking or smoke less.

Japan has been working towards reducing the number of smokers in the country, and has taken some serious regulatory steps.

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