Skills shortage biggest challenge in tech sector say 38.3% firms: Report

To handle the issue, almost 62 per cent employers are bearing the cost of their employees’ upskilling programmes


That Indian tech companies are depending more and more on upskilling their existing workforce to bridge the skills gap is clear from a recent report. Not surprising, because more than 38 per cent companies in the tech space admit that the biggest challenge in the tech sector is the shortage of skills. So, what are employers doing about it?

As per the survey, almost 62 per cent of the employers in the tech space are relying on ‘quiet hiring’ rather than on fresh talent. That means, companies today are more willing than ever before to invest in the upskilling of their existing employees.

Information technology services firms and startups are more keen to invest in upskilling programmes for their employees.

The skill most in demand is data science/algorithm, with over 72 per cent firms in the tech sector seeking the same. A whopping 91 per cent are keen to hire candidates that have a problem-solving mindset. About 31 per cent believe that it is becoming increasingly challenging to find back-end engineers.

Depending on the role and the candidate’s past experience, about 60.5 per cent respondents are ready to grant 20 to 40 per cent hike in salary on an average.

A significant 76 per cent of the firms in the tech sector are encouraging hybrid work in their respective organisations. Over 71 per cent are of the opinion that employee referrals are the best way to get suitable new hires, because ‘right hiring’ is a major challenge.


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