Maharashtra government’s agro tourism policy to generate employment

The policy will offer job opportunities for women and youth and also encourage folk and traditional arts


Maharashtra government’s agro tourism policy is aimed at improving rural employment , especially for women and youth. The policy will also give the required boost to folk and traditional arts, as it will allow tourists to experience rural environs up close.

The policy will work towards attracting tourists who are looking for a “rustic outdoors” experience. It will give them a chance to learn how farms work and indulge in fruit picking and other local activities, and also get a taste of all “local flavours”.

Under the policy, not just individual farmers and cooperative societies, but even colleges and universities will be allowed to establish agro-tourism centres. The Tourism Department will provide a registration certificate for each such legitimate setup. Easy bank loans will also be provided to those interested in an agro-tourism venture.

The state government is planning to work closely with agricultural startups too.

The farming community, in general, has suffered a lot during the pandemic. In the state of Maharashtra, locust attacks have only added to their woes. This new agri-tourism policy is expected to benefit the agricultural community at large, and generate jobs for the women and youth in the rural areas of the State.

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