Manipur govt implements ‘no work, no pay’ policy

he policy will be applicable to all employees receiving their salaries through the GAD, Manipur secretariat


In a bid to motivate government employees to resume office attendance, the Manipur government has decided to implement a ‘no work, no pay’ policy. As the policy comes into effect, employees will not receive wages if they do not fulfil their work responsibilities. 

In an official announcement made on Monday by the general administration department (GAD), the policy will be applicable to all employees receiving their salaries through this department of the Manipur secretariat. The policy will cover all the employees who fail to attend their official duties without authorised leave.

Furthermore, the general administration department has been tasked with creating a roster of employees who have been absent from work due to the prevailing circumstances in the state.

Manipur has an estimated workforce of around one lakh employees under the state government.

Additionally, the circular issued appealed to all administrative secretaries to furnish information regarding employees who have been unable to fulfil their official duties due to the ongoing circumstances in the state. The requested details should encompass the employees’ job titles, names, employee identification numbers (EIN), and present residential addresses.

The  information provided must be submitted to both the GAD and the personnel department by June 28 to facilitate necessary measures.

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