Moderna CFO quits immediately after joining

Jorge Gamez took charge and quit within a day when his former employer revealed that there was an ongoing financial investigation at the Company

Credit - Fletcher

Jorge Gomez who took charge as the chief financial officer (CFO) at Moderna Inc., left the Company almost immediately after! The reason behind his hurried exit was that his previous employer, Dentsply Sirona, a manufacturer of dental products, revealed that there was an ongoing accounts-related investigation that was preventing it from filing its quarterly report with the US securities regulator.

The investigation at Dentsply Sirona is to do with the usage of incentives and their accounting. Investigations are on to find out whether Dentsply Sirona’s management had allowed employees to employ the incentives to fulfil the executive compensation targets last year. An external party is investigating the matter at Denstply with the help of a forensic accounting team.

However, even for that extraordinarily short tenure, Gomez will be paid a severance, that is a year’s salary of $700,000 by Moderna. Although, he will have to forego the signing bonus and will not be reimbursed for relocation either.

With Gomez gone, the vaccine manufacturing company will witness David Meline re-occupying the CFO chair with immediate effect. Meline, who had spent over a year at Moderna as CFO, had attained superannuation not long ago.

This unusual turn of events comes at a time when Moderna was doing really well. The Company had earned huge profits in 2021 when its COVID-19 vaccine received FDA authorisation. In the 2019 to 2021 period, Modern had grown its workforce strength from about 800 plus to 2,500 plus.

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