New hostels under construction for Foxconn workers

The company has agreed to demands made by workers and is all set to build new accommodation and manufacturing facilities inside the Sriperumbudur plant


Foxconn, the Taiwanese multinational electronics company, is expanding its Sriperumbudur facility in India, which currently employs over 15,000 workers, mostly women. The expansion is set to add thousands of new employees in the next few years. However, the factory has faced protests from its workers, who complained about the lack of facilities, particularly food and proper toilets.

According to a trade union member, despite complaints, nothing changed until workers blocked the highway in protest. Following the protest, the company promised to improve living conditions and provide all necessary amenities, including food and medical facilities.

The workers have been promised dormitory-style accommodation in a new hostel, which will offer better living conditions and enhanced safety measures compared to their current residence, located 4 kilometers away from the factory.

A technical worker at the factory expressed excitement about the upcoming accommodation, although the exact range of amenities is uncertain.

Temporary workers also protested in December 2021, blocking traffic on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway after cases of food poisoning at the factory led to hospitalisations.

The Tamil Nadu government announced on December 25, 2021, that Foxconn had accepted all of the employees’ demands. The company promised to expand living areas, upgrade bathing facilities, and provide drinking water for temporary workers. The new facility will be able to accommodate 20,000 people. Foxconn is also constructing new manufacturing facilities inside its Sriperumbudur plant.

Like its facilities in China, Foxconn is also building an industrial housing project in Vallam Vadagal, Kancheepuram district, for its employees. The project, being constructed by the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Ltd (SIPCOT), aims to provide affordable rental accommodation with supporting infrastructure to employees. A total of 13 blocks, each with 3,120 units, is being constructed.

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