New report lists worst companies to work for in the US


The list was based on Glassdoor reviews.

In an interesting finding, 24/7 Wall Street has put up a list of the worst companies to work for in the US. The findings were based upon the reviews on Glassdoor, a platform where former and current employees review their companies. Some of the worst companies in the list are Kraft Heinz Company, Belk, CDK Global, Rent-A-Center, RGIS, Hertz, Speedway LLC, Frontier Communications and The Fresh Market.

24/7 Wall Street spoke on employee satisfaction with Scott Dobroski, a Glassdoor community expert. “The three top drivers of long-term employee satisfaction are company culture, career opportunities, and trust in senior leadership,” Dobroski said.

It has been found that companies unable to provide positive working environments often suffer from low employee morale and become undesirable places to work. Hence, such companies, especially in competitive fields, end up struggling to attract top-notch talent.

The platform has thousands of reviews on different companies on its site. On an average, companies have a rating of 3.4 out of 5.0 stars. Yet, some major companies are rated significantly lower, and the 18 worst have a rating of 2.7 or lower.

While certain types of industries may seem inherently less desirable than others, employee dissatisfaction hinges primarily on the employer, not the job. The average company rating on Glassdoor is 3.4 out of 5.0 stars. All industries have an average rating close to that mark as well.

One of the keys to keeping employees satisfied is a strong, positive company culture. Employees at companies that have abnormally high turnover rates or trouble getting talented new hires are likely to be considered as having a weak or inadequate company culture.

Employees are also happier if they feel they can move up within the organisation. Corporations that do not often promote from within may risk making their current employees feel as if they work at a dead-end job with no hope of advancing their careers. This sentiment can be very damaging to company morale and may make employees less productive.

The third main driver of employee satisfaction is trust in senior leadership. Employees need to feel valued and realise that their work is important to the company. Company executives play a key role in ensuring that workers are aware of how valued their work is. It is also imperative that executives communicate to employees about how the business is doing and what the long- and short-term plans are.

One year ago, the average Glassdoor rating was 3.3, so companies across the board have seen a modest increase in employee satisfaction over the last year. While fluctuations are normal from year to year, many large companies are also learning to utilise corporate review websites, such as Glassdoor and others to find out what complaints employees have.

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