‘Protection of pay’ order for Central Government staff

The protection of pay will result from appointment to a new post in different service or cadre through direct recruitment, where either higher duties and responsibilities are involved or not, whichever the case, under FR 22-B(1), in the 7th Central Pay Commission scenario.


An office memorandum has been issued, by the Department of Personnel and Training, for the protection of pay of Central Government employees, consequent to their appointment to a new post in a different cadre or service within the Central Government. The order will come into effect from January, 2016.

The Government notification clearly states that this pay protection has been permitted under FR 22-B(1) to Central Government employees who are appointed as probationers in another service or cadre, whether or not the new role carries higher responsibilities, as the case may be and subsequently confirmed in that service or cadre.

During the probation period, the concerned employees will receive pay at the minimum of the time scale or at the probationary stages of the time scale of the service or post, as the case may be. However, if the presumptive pay of the permanent post —on which they hold a lien or would hold a lien in case their lien had not been suspended— should at any time be greater than the pay fixed under the clause, they shall receive the presumptive pay of the permanent post.

The employees will also be entitled to annual increments on such presumptive pay, provided it is ensured that during probation, presumptive pay remains higher than the pay of the new post after drawing of increment.

Once the probation is over and they are confirmed in the service or post, their pay shall be fixed in the time-scale of the service or post in accordance with the provisions of Rule 22 or Rule 22-C, as the case may be, as per the provisions of FR 22-B(1).

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