Salaries to be disbursed in 2 installments: Maharashtra Government

Elected representatives including the chief minister, ministers and MLAs will get their salaries for March with 60% deduction, finance minister Ajit Pawar announced


In view of the economic impact of the coronavirus lockdown, Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar announced on March 31, that salaries of ministers, the chief minister and other elected representatives, as well as government officials in the State for March will be slashed by upto 60 per cent. A Government Resolution (GR) issued by the finance department said the salary for March, to be disbursed in April, will be paid in “two instalments” and the balance will be paid later when the situation improves.

The March salaries for all elected representatives, including the chief minister, ministers and MLAs ,will be deducted by 60 per cent.

Government employees, belonging to both A and B grades, will get half their salaries, while C-grade staff will take a 25 per cent cut in salaries.

There will be no cut in the salaries of D-grade employees. Pawar further stated that different departments of the state government and local self-bodies are working on a war-footing to control the spread of COVID-19, and therefore, there is no question of deducting their salaries.

“The state’s economy has been affected by the coronavirus crisis and the reduction in resources due to ongoing lockdown,” Pawar said.

According to the GR sources, due to the coronavirus outbreak, all private establishments, industrial units are closed, which has reduced the state’s revenues too. The salary cuts will not be restricted only to private enterprises, they will also apply to semi-government organisations and aided educational institutions, including universities, as per the GR.


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