Tamil Nadu govt employees’ salary accounts run dry

Hundreds of employees who did not receive salaries on the last day of the month are in a panic mode.


State-government employees generally receive salaries on the last day of the month, but on Friday, 28 February, employees of the Tamil Nadu government were in for a shock — their salaries for the month were not deposited into their accounts.

Recently the state government had migrated to a digital system to manage finances as well as human resources, which may have caused a technical glitch, which may have resulted in the nonpayment of salaries.

Sources have informed that the situation may take four to five days to resolve, and till then hundreds of employees of the Tamil Nadu government will be anxious about their expenses and will struggle to fulfil their needs. Employees are going through a tough time and are unable to pay the monthly rents, EMIs, and education fees among other issues.

A few sources have also claimed that the nonpayment of salaries is not because of the new digital platform, but on account of the non-submission of important documents that were expected before the end of the month.

Employees expect timely payment of salaries into their accounts, and with the Tamil Nadu government having failed to do so,  the digital system has actually brought misery to the lives of employees who are not convinced about its functionality. Not surprisingly, most of them are wondering whether it is worthwhile.

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