Tata Group seeks battery developer and project manager in UK

The company posted job advertisements on LinkedIn for Tata’s battery-cell operation, Agratas


Tata Group, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has recently advertised job openings for a UK-based cell developer and construction project manager. This move suggests that Tata Group may be considering locating its new battery manufacturing factory in the UK.

The job advertisements were posted on LinkedIn and are specifically related to Tata’s battery-cell operation, Agratas. Agratas is currently in the process of constructing two factories in India and Europe. While the advertisements do not specify the location of the new factory, they state that the positions will be based in Coventry, where Jaguar Land Rover currently manufactures cars.

The purpose of the new battery plant would be to produce batteries for Jaguar Land Rover’s upcoming range of fully electric models, scheduled to be launched in 2024.

The job roles advertised specifically include a cell developer, who would be responsible for developing and optimising battery cells, and a construction project manager, who would look after the construction and implementation of the factory. These roles indicate the need for expertise in battery technology and project management  in an electric vehicle manufacturing unit.

The job openings offered by Tata Group in the battery-cell operations unit highlight the potential growth and advancements in the field of electric vehicles. 

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