7.4 lakh Walmart employees to get free phones

The Company is rolling out a new app for managing shifts, which can be accessed via these Samsung smartphones


Walmart has announced that it will give its over 7.4 lakh US staff free Samsung phones by the end of 2021, to enable them to use Walmart’s app created specially to manage shifts. The employees will use this app to punch in and stay connected constantly. Presently, most workers are sharing devices to access the app, which is called ‘Me@Walmart’.

The retailer, which has almost 1.6 million employees in the US, will distribute Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphones, worth $499.99, to over 7,40,000 workers.

The app was tested in early 2021, and does not allow the Company to view the employees’ personal information or data. However, it will be able to view official mails, clock-in locations, all official apps installed, web history (as available on the phone’s work-related browser), and device specifications. While the app can be accessed by the employees only while on duty, they can use the phone as a personal device off work.

While use of the phone is not mandatory, the app allows employees to check schedules up to two weeks in advance, and put in requests for changes or leaves. Its voice-activated assistant helps locate products and is equipped to facilitate instant connection amongst workers within stores.

The use of smartphones is an alternative to use of walkie talkies. It will help save a lot of time and improve the efficiency of the workers in Walmart stores across the US.

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