Automation Anywhere raises Rs 3,827 crore in 2018, will hire 2000 employees this year

This Silicon Valley-based Indian-origin start-up has built software that automates processes in a company’s workflow.


Automation Anywhere, a start-up co-founded by four Indian-origin entrepreneurs has revolutionised the corporate work environment with its robot process automation (RPA). In the year 2018 alone, this Silicon Valley-based start-up managed to raise $550 million or Rs 3,827 crore, said to be the largest funding ever obtained by a start-up of Indian origin. In 2019, it will be expanding its workforce by at least 2000.

The Company has created software that can ensure automation of any process in a company’s workflow. It possesses traits of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which is a huge advantage in the RPA industry. Its success indicates that RPA is only going to grow in importance in the software as a service (SaaS) industry. More so because enterprises today wish to speed up their digitalisation process.

A robot worker, from Automation Anywhere, refers to any process that is fully digitised. The Company offers a whole range of robot workers (software services) — eight lakh — that can be bought by organisations and deployed through their systems.

The range comprises robots that can analyse images and extract data from them, and also scan documents and save them in a library. Interestingly, 30 per cent of the bots are installed by Indian companies.

These robots are capable of streamlining the processes within organisations so that valuable human resources can be assigned to other challenging jobs.

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