Tripura govt hikes employees’ salaries by 3%

This is a surprising move, considering that other states are imposing pay cuts and cost-cutting measures to deal with the financial burden of the pandemic.


Unlike many states, such as Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana and Odisha, that have imposed salary cuts on their government employees to help tide over the financial crisis brought about by the pandemic, the Tripura government has chosen to give its employees a hike.

While many states are resorting to cost-cutting measures, the State Government of Tripura has chosen to walk a different path. Despite being in an acute financial crisis, the Government has decided not to cut the salaries of its employees. Instead, it has hiked the basic pay by three per cent for all state government employees.

This decision was taken after a salary cut had been announced for the chief minister, ministers and legislators of the state.

The Government of Tripura does not see any point in holding back the annual increment of employees, unless it observes something objectionable in the conduct of an employee while performing service.

Generally, the  government provides increments to the employees on their basic salary twice a year — in January and July.

As per the increment benefits, Group-A employees, who get a salary of Rs 90,000 will get an increment of Rs. 2,700, Group-B employees with Rs. 83,200 salary will receive Rs 2,500 increment, those from Group C will get Rs 900 in addition to their existing pay and employees in Group-D category will get Rs 700 extra.

The announcement has been described as a ‘bold’ one amidst the ongoing pandemic, at a time when other states are considering all sorts of cost-cutting measures to survive the financial crisis.

Earlier, the Tripura government had announced cash incentives for all categories of medical staff engaged in COVID-19-linked healthcare duties. Doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health workers are benefiting from this scheme.

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