UAE citizens anticipate salary boosts up to 10%

The survey revealed that benefits and package and other factors  influence the decision-making process of UAE citizens when considering a new job


The vast majority of UAE residents, specifically eight-out of 10, anticipate a salary boost in the current year, revealed a survey.

The survey was conducted by gathering responses from 500 UAE nationals in order to gain insights into the presence of Emirati citizens within the country’s workforce. Moreover, the timing of the survey coincides with the UAE government’s efforts to raise the Emiratisation quota in the private sector, aiming to create more job opportunities for UAE nationals in the job market.

The survey indicated that 17.75 per cent of Emiratis are anticipating a salary increase of 10 per cent or more. Additionally, 27.8 per cent of individuals hope for a raise between 5 per cent and 8 per cent, while 22.5 per cent are looking for an increase ranging from 8 per cent to 10 per cent.

While maximum respondents hope for a good increase, approximately 13.6 per cent of respondents anticipate a raise of less than five percent, while 18.3 per cent of individuals do not expect any salary increase this year. The survey not only revealed the expected salary hike, but it also highlights the current dissatisfaction employees have with their recent salaries. A significant majority, comprising 64 per cent of the nationals, expressed dissatisfaction with their current salaries, while only 36 per cent indicated contentment with their existing compensation.

In addition to salary, the survey revealed that benefits and packages, job security, career development, work-life balance, employer brand, and remote/hybrid work options are significant factors that influence the decision-making process of UAE citizens when considering a new job.

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