Oyo employee does his bit for laid off colleagues


Jasmit Singh, head-enterprise sales, Oyo, posted on LinkedIn to help place co-workers who have been rendered jobless.


Following the laying off of about 2400 Oyo employees recently, one employee took it upon himself to try and help them get jobs.  Jasmit Singh, head-enterprise sales, Oyo Rooms, put up a post on LinkedIn seeking help in terms of jobs for his co-workers who had been rendered jobless.

In his post, Singh emphasised the advantages that employers will gain if they hired a former Oyo employee. He stressed on the brilliance, smartness and ‘go-getting’ attitude of Oyo employees and how these traits made them excellent choices for challenging sectors, such as real estate, retail, e-commerce, FMCG sales, operations and marketing.

Singh’s thoughtful post went viral, and won many hearts. His post received over 5200 likes and more than 1400 comments. Job offers poured in and many potential employers tried to get in touch.

Oyo has been in a financial mess and has laid of thousands in the sales, operations, HR and other departments. Oyo Home, Oyo Townhouse, Oyo Life, Collection O, Silver Key and many other business verticals have been merged into one entity, which only ended up rendering more jobs redundant.

It is not just the workforce in India that has been cut down. Employees have been laid off in huge numbers in China as well. Oyo’s joint venture with Yahoo has also been ended.

Even though the hospitality company has assured that this is just a one-time exercise, which will not be repeated in the future, the employees have been left feeling very uncertain and insecure.

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