Tweet by HR start-up CEO raises concerns about joblessness

The CEO of Springworks tweeted that he received 3,000 applications in a span of 48 hours on the company’s website


Can a Twitter update regarding responses to job postings garner 1.5 lakh views? Apparently yes. Why? Because the tweet was about a startup receiving 3,000 resumes from job seekers within 48 hours of openings being advertised on the company website.

The overwhelming response urged Kartik Mandaville, founder and CEO, Springworks, to tweet, “Received over 3K resumes in the last 48 hours just on our website — how bad is the job market?”

Established in 2014, Springworks, is a startup that provides software solutions for the human resources sector. Interestingly, the job openings were posted only on the Springworks official website and not on any other platform.

The overwhelming response could be attributed to the fact that the roles are all remote. The number of application may not have been so high if the roles had been on site.

Springworks’ software solutions help organisations find the right talent quickly using blockchain for seamless and reliable background verification.

Mandaville’s tweet has sparked a discussion on the state of unemployment in the country.

The unemployment rate for urban individuals above 15 years fell to 6.8 per cent in the January-March 2023 period. It was 8.2 per cent during the same period last year, as per a government survey.

Unemployment rate the percentage of unemployed people in the labour force. The joblessness or unemployment rate was 7.7 per cent in May 2023.

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