Two lakh will be jobless in tourism sector in eastern India alone

According to the Travel Agents Federation of India, total cancellation of bookings for the summer season will impact tourism in the region.


With all bookings for the summer being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at least two lakh people associated with the tourism sector in the eastern region are going to be jobless. According to the Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI), eastern region, the Government will have to step in and provide some kind of relief to help save the jobs of at least two lakh people who are directly associated with this sector.

Given the current scenario, things do not seem capable of recovering even in time for Durga Puja, which is a huge draw for tourists, especially international. Diwali is also a season for good business with tourists flocking to the country, but this year, business looks quite bleak, as international travel is deeply impacted. Chances of recovery even by year end look slim, because most nations will not be permitting inbound travel for about six months post lifting of lockdown.

Schools plan to remain closed till June, and even when they do open, there will be so much to cover that all holidays will go for a toss and people will be discouraged from travelling. Given the pay cuts, the spending capacity of people will also be significantly reduced.

According to a KPMG report, the tourism and hospitality space in India may lose about 38 million jobs. Simply put, about 70 per cent of the entire workforce is at risk of being rendered jobless.

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