Yatra.com founders take 50% cut, send some employees on unpaid leave

The travel portal has sent part of its staff on unpaid leave for two and a half months as a cost-cutting measure


In the wake of the global pandemic, travel portal, Yatra.com, has decided to send few of its employees on unpaid leaves for two and a half months, starting April 16. This is part of its cost-cutting strategy. The remaining members of the staff will be taking pay cuts in varying degrees. The founders have decided to bear a 50 per cent deduction in pay.

With all domestic and international flights being grounded, and national sealing their borders, the travel sector has witnessed no activity for a long time now.  However, Yatra.com is concerned about the future, it is also hopeful that things will return to normal post the lockdown.

The Company is being extremely positive and optimistic that eventually things will fall in place once the lockdown is lifted. The main concern at present is to make sure that none of the employees loose their livelihood. It has stated that asking employees to go on unpaid leave and paying some of them reduced salaries are all temporary measures to tide over these difficult times.

The deductions for the employees who are receiving salaries, will be based on their slabs and utility to the business. The employees who are required to carry on with work irrespective of the lockdown will receive their salaries after a deduction of 25 per cent. The ones below them will receive 50 per cent of their pay and those even below them will face a 25 per cent pay.

The employees who fail to fall under any utility slab are the ones who will have to go on unpaid leaves till  the end of June.

The travel company also hopes to call these employees back before the stated timeline, if travel restrictions are removed and ticketing work begins again.


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