What motivates employees more than money?


There’s much more than money that a professional wants.

Money is often called the fuel for living. No wonder it is an important part of employment. But if it was that simple, no HR strategies would have had to exist. A lot of things that do not involve monetary compensation can also affect an employee’s will to work. Here are a few things that employers can do:

Offer cool job titles
ob titles endow every employee with a sense of importance, while making their position unique in the organisation. It is also what employees would identify themselves as, inside and outside the country. Assigning a job title they love to be associated with goes a long way in boosting employee pride and zeal to work.

Provide encouraging work environment
An encouraging work environment has a positive effect on every employee, right from the top of the pyramid, to the bottom. Making your office a place your employees would love to spend time in, is key to ensuring that they put those extra after-hours to work. Gaming corners, pantries and sleeping pods serve as additional bonuses to attract talent in droves.

Avoid shifting blame
No one likes being blamed, especially in front of their team. If the problem is not something that grievously injures the reputation or operations of the company, pinning the blame on any employee should be avoided. Instead, they should be made to realise what went wrong. This will make sure they feel more responsible about their performance.

Encourage and appreciate
A pat on the back is always the best catalyst to hard work. It makes the employee feel like his work is being noticed and recognised and motivates him to work better. The scale of the accomplishment is not a priority as every small bit contributes to building a better organisation.

Develop transparent work culture
A transparent company culture is imperative to retain employees. If the employees feel out of the loop with the vision and goals of the company they are working for, there can be a potential loss of synergy between how the employees carry out work, and how the management wants them to perform. Each employee is a part of the company and knowing how their work affects the company as a whole goes a long way in allowing them to perform smarter and better.

(The author is a member of the Product Marketing team at Mettl, one of India’s fastest growing assessment platforms and skill measurement company. Along with writing articles for HR, he has a tendency to tinker with gadgets in his free time and is also vocal about his love for Android.)

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  1. To Add on the above list..

    1. Inform Employee Family Members about his/her Achievements.

    2. Do not Criticize the Employee in front of others.

    3. Always Support the Employee if something is going Out of Track.

    4. Do Not Underestimate the Potential of the Employee.

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