Our Team

We’re led by a team who constantly questions, tinkers, and challenges to
unlock great creativity around every turn.

Prajjal Saha

Founder & Editor

A journalist, writer, editor for two decades, and now an entrepreneur with the goal to build B2B communities across functions and sectors. He has been a mentor to several business writers who practice fair journalism. Otherwise, he is a complete foodie and cooking is his passion.

Abdulla M.M.


A true blue marketing professional armed with 15 years of B2B experience, Abdulla is also a music composer. He hails from the North East of India, and he has grown up learning western classical music. When on business, he likes to dive deep and think like a brandowner while suggesting a brand marketing solution to a marketer. With a wide variety of disruptive and futuristic trade marketing ideas, Abdulla can help brands do the magic with its customers. The next cup of coffee can be on Abdulla. He is always happy to join.

Arindam Goswami

Features Writer

Fresh into the HR beat, Arindam began his writing career by volunteering as a student writer during his college days at Delhi University. A fan of almost all kinds of sweets, he enjoys light music. He hails from Assam and holds ‘chai’ as the best beverage.

Liji Narayan

Sr. Copy Editor

HRKatha prides itself in being a good journalistic product and Liji deserves all the credit for it. Thanks to her, our readers get clean copies to read every morning while our writers are kept on their toes.

Sugandh Bahl

Senior Features Writer

All she wanted to do since her school days was pursue journalism. She takes keen interest in digging into the unpublished aspects of people’s life and profession. Her writing experience has been quite diverse – entrepreneurship, lifestyle, logistics, health, management and now she enjoys writing on HR! She is a foodie by nature and pet lover at heart.

Reetika Bose

Senior Features Writer

From being an athlete to an avid writer, She has found a happy space in discovering new places and exploring new cuisines. An english graduate from Delhi University, she is a hungry rover, who has a passion for food and travel, and likes to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Prasanna Singh


After 20 years of working to build digital-led businesses that were sustainable financially, now he works with media startups. He has been a journalist in early days of his career before moving on to the business development role.