81 Telangana ex-prisoners secure jobs

These released prisoners bagged jobs through the ‘Job Mela 2019’ organised by the Telangana State Prisons Department.


81 released prisoners in Telangana have secured jobs as marketing executives and technicians with salaries ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000. They were part of a group of 129 released prisoners who participated in the ‘Job Mela 2019’ organised by the Telangana State Prisons Department.

Around eight companies participated in the job fair, with some even securing jobs, such as drivers, housekeepers, data-entry operators, electricians and helpers. They were offered salaries on the basis of their skills.

The Prisons Department of Telangana keeps introducing innovative programmes to improve the lives of the inmates, make them employable and help them make their future secure. Since 2014, the Department has implemented various schemes, such as ‘Mahaparivarthan’, ‘Unnati’, ‘Vidhyadanam’, skill development, loans to inmates, employment to inmates and aftercare services to bring a change into the lives of the prisoners.

The Job Mela was started in 2017. And since then, it has provided jobs to over 650 ex-prisoners. These initiatives by the Department are aimed at ensuring a means of livelihood for the prisoners when they leave the prison and also to ensure that they do not fall back into the world of crime again. This appears to be a small step, but will definitely go a long way in ensuring that the lives of these ex-convicts are back on track, and that they lead a decent living by honest means.

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