Modi Govt. seeks talented citizens for contract-based job offers


The government is seeking resumes from citizens who could work as ‘experts’ in various positions across central ministries.

For those who want to contribute to the nation’s welfare and development, the Modi Government has opened up new avenues for them to be a part of its success story. If you want to work for the government, now is the time, as the Modi-led Government is seeking resumes from citizens who could be brought on board on contract, to work as ‘experts’ in various positions across central ministries.

The government is looking for editorial writers, software developers, researchers, data scientists, graphic designers, digital content script writers, advertising professionals, senior management professionals, academic experts, social media experts and application developers at various levels in a first-of-its-kind endeavour to engage citizens with governance. The offers have been posted on the Prime Minister’s MyGov portal to facilitate the government–citizen interface.

To encourage participative governance or ‘Jan-Bhagidari’ (as the govt. terms it), MyGov had also recently organised the first ever town-hall in India addressed by a Prime Minister. “MyGov proposes to create a data bank of resumes — of various seniority levels and specialisations —which may be sourced by the government periodically. The objective is to engage citizen experts in various domains on contractual service in different positions across ministries, departments, organisations, institutions, and specialised entities,” stated the post on the MyGov portal.

The portal has a listing of positions, domains and specialisations being sought by the government, along with the desired qualification for each of the positions. The post states that, “The resumes will be scrutinised by MyGov, and those shortlisted will be contacted for further discussion / interview. The compensation package will be discussed during the direct interactions.”

The qualification sought for editorial writers includes a master’s degree in mass communication or journalism or economics/social sciences, in addition to experience in the form of writing pieces on prominent media platforms. Senior-level professionals or retired professionals from universities, hospitals, armed forces, civil services and police services, who have experience in leading large teams of professionals, are being sought for ‘senior management’ posts. For the position of ‘academic experts’, one needs to have a PhD along with academic experience in universities, colleges or be think tanks or retired professors from universities of international repute. For the job of social media experts, the ideal candidates should possess expertise in devising and running successful social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Whatsapp and those already running a blog or crowd-sourced opinion websites.