57% senior executives in India hopeful of job growth in 2019

Senior managers of Brazil are the most optimistic globally, about executive job growth.


A survey—2019 BlueSteps Executive Career Outlook—that covered 1,436 senior managers across the globe revealed that after Brazil, senior executives from India are the most optimistic about job growth in senior positions this year. Fifty-seven per cent of the country’s senior executives were hopeful of growth in senior job roles, while in Brazil, 72 per cent of the senior executives surveyed felt the same.

The survey reveals that on the whole, the level of optimism for the executive job market, globally, has dropped to 42 per cent in 2019, from 54 per cent in 2018.

In Africa, 54 per cent leaders were optimistic, followed by 40 per cent in France and 38 per cent in Southeast Asia.

India ranked number one in terms of economy forecast for 2019 (57 per cent) followed by Brazil (56 per cent). Japan and Korea were the least optimistic nations with 71 per cent of those surveyed having little hope of growth in the economy. Of the senior professionals interviewed for the survey, about 66 per cent of the leaders from Eastern Euope, 63 per cent from the UK and Ireland, and 63 per cent each from Greece, Italy and Turkey were not hopeful about growth in the economy.

According to the survey, the countries that were highly hopeful about the economy were also the countries that were optimistic about growth in the job market.

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