89% CEOs in India will reward staff returning to office: Report

Globally, 87% CEOs are likely to promote and give bonuses to employees who try to come in to office says a KPMG report


Working professionals in India who are much too comfortable with remote and hybrid work should probably start considering returning to office full time. Why? KPMG’s CEO Outlook Report reveals that 89 per cent CEOs in India are likely to reward employees with promotions and bonuses if they make the effort to come in to office. Globally, only 87 per cent of their counterparts are likely to do the same. That means, Indian CEOs still prefer the traditional in-office mode of working.

This clearly shows that CEOs and organisations worldwide are willing to offer incentives to bring employees back to office and facilitate this transition.

About 54 per cent of the CEOs in India who were part of the survey are sure that the working model for employees will be ‘in office’ in just three years’ time. Globally, 64 per cent CEOs envision an in-office working model in three years.

A majority of the CEOs in India— 73 per cent— are very likely to reward employees working from office, says the report. About 16 per cent are likely to do so and only three per cent are unlikely to do so.

Most of the CEOs did agree that a ‘one-size-fits-all approach will not work. Employers will have to analyse the nature of work and their requirements before deciding on what suits them the best. This will require them to focus on and engage with their employees and consider the longer term. They will have to take into account the employee value proposition and the needs of the employees in order to ensure long-term bonding. But yes, the majority predict that it will be a 100 per cent in-office work model in about three years.

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