Business travel, a sought after perk; preferred over high salary


A study reveals that in the past year, 67 per cent of Indian business travellers have extended their business trips, to a different city or country, beating the global average of only 49 per cent.


The opportunity to travel abroad for business has always been a high motivating factor for the Indian workforce. A study by just reiterates the same.

43 per cent of business travellers in India, according to the study, were ready to accept a lower paying job if it requires them to travel more for work. Their percentage is much higher than the global average of 30 per cent.

This report comes as an eye opener for employers who undervalued the benefits of business travel or lived in denial. In fact, providing opportunities to travel for business can be the most effective tool for employee engagement, motivation and also retention.

It is observed that the Indian workforce fancies mixing business travel with leisure. The study reveals that, in the past 12 months, 67 per cent of Indian business travellers have extended their business trips, to a different city or country. Even in this case, the global average is only 49 per cent.

The report indicates that close to 48 per cent of Indian business travellers intend to mix business travel with leisure in 2017, whereas globally, the figure is only 27 per cent. Similarly, 69 per cent of Indian travellers plan or hope to travel more for business in 2017 vis-à-vis 2016, while globally only 46 per cent of respondents indicated the same.

Ripsy Bandourian, director of product development, for Business, says, “No longer seen as lost time or a career inconvenience, business travel is increasingly seen as an opportunity to expand horizons, find inspiration and progress in a career.”

“Today’s laptop and latte breed of employees is increasingly mobile and fluid with their travel plans, looking to strike a balance between business and leisure travel—bleisure,” she adds.

Employees today expect their employers to keep pace with their need for greater fluidity and flexibility and are even prepared to negotiate on salary to do so.


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