Hiring activity will see a positive outlook: Survey

58 per cent employers have a positive outlook in hiring activity.


If the survey report of a recruitment firm is to be believed, hiring outlook in the country is expected to turn towards positive in this fiscal – 2019-20.

The survey suggests that 58 per cent of employers have a positive outlook on hiring but at the same time 10 per cent of the employers which participated in the survey also think that layoffs are on cards.

The junior level employees are expected to drive attrition more than the middle and senior levels. In this respect, the Western region of the country will lead over others.

However, the Northern part of the country seems to be more positive than the other regions. The Northern Indian states were ready to offer more jobs than the rest of the country.

The healthcare sector is expected to offer the maximum number of jobs (around 40 per cent) followed by marketing and human resources. Engineers continue to be the favourite in the job market followed by graduates and MBAs.

The survey also reveals that around 68 per cent of the respondents feel that the maternity benefit act 1961 as per which the women are to be given 26 weeks of paid leave during pregnancy and childbirth, will act as a deterrent in hiring women, and that’s not a very good news. Many companies see it as a burden.

Besides, 46 per cent employers believe that the increments will range between 5 to 15 per cent and 32 per cent think that it will range between 5 to 10 per cent. There were very dew employers who believed that it will be less than five per cent or more than 20 per cent.

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