Hot jobs in agri & agrochem pay Rs 1 lakh+

The hot jobs in the agriculture and agrochemicals space include that of product managers, app developers, senior UI/UX designers, credit analysts, agri drone heads and exim managers, according to a study


With the agriculture and agrochemicals industry having gone through major digital transformation, many interesting and lucrative jobs have emerged in the sector, which offer great salaries.

According to a jobs and salary primer, the hottest profile in the sector is that of product manager, with a salary of about Rs 1.03 lakhs. The second hottest profile is that of exim manager, drawing a salary of about Rs 65,000. The third popular profile is that of senior UI/UX designer, with a salary of Rs 62,000. Application developers may earn a handsome salary too, of about Rs 54,500 per month. Agriculture drone heads can earn about Rs 30,000 a month, while credit analysts can easily make about Rs 38,000 a month.

There are many upcoming profiles too. For instance, a drone technologist, may be able to draw a salary of about Rs 33,000 a month. Another upcoming profile is that of a hydrologist in the agriculture and agrochemical industry. Hydrologists study how water moves across and through the Earth’s crust. Their job will involve measuring the volume, stream flow and other properties of water bodies. They may also be required to collect water and soil samples to test for certain properties, such as the pH or pollution levels. They are the ones who are called upon to analyse the impact of pollution, erosion, drought and so on, on the environment. A hydrologist can earn up to Rs 1.30 lakhs a month.

Geospatial analysts may earn up to Rs 25,000. Among other things, geospatial analysts help discover patterns and trends through spatial mapping and also develop mapping applications and tools. They may even manage a digital library of geographic maps in various file types. Agrocommunicators may draw about Rs 20,000 a month.
They are the ones who help communicate agriculture-related information among agricultural stakeholders and also facilitate communication between agricultural and non-agricultural stakeholders.

Then there are certain longstanding profiles, such as that of tech advisors, logistics executives, field production supervisors, market development officers and microbiologists. While microbiologists earn about Rs 24,900 per month, logistics executive make about Rs 23,700 monthly. Tech advisors may draw up to Rs 24,000 a month, while marketing development officers may earn up to 17,000 a month.

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