India amongst countries with fastest rate of AI skills diffusion: Report

Singapore, Finland, Ireland and Canada are the other countries experiencing the fastest rate of AI skills diffusion


As per the Future of Work Report, more LinkedIn members around the globe are acquiring artificial intelligence (AI) skills to enrich their resumes than ever before. The AI Skills Index data from 25 countries shows that the number of members who acquired artificial intelligence skills was nine times more than in January 2016. According to the data, Singapore, Finland, Ireland, India and Canada are exhibiting the fastest rate of AI skills diffusion. That is not all. Artificial intelligence is being embraced not only in the technology space, but also in education, financial services, retail and many other industries.

The highest rate of diffusion of AI skills was witnessed in Singapore — 20x. That means, its share of members with at least two AI skills has grown by 20x since January 2016. The figures for Finland, Ireland, India and Canada were 16x, 15x, 14x and 13x, respectively.

Clearly, there has been a surge in AI talent and members adding AI skills has been increasing since 2016. ChatGPT has already shown that AI is rather promising and is capable of reforming the skills needed at the workplace even while ensuring more productivity in the workforce.

The rate at which LinkedIn members added AI skills to their profiles almost doubled ever since ChatGpt came on the scene, from 7.7 per cent in May-November period of 2022, to 13 per cent in the November 2022 – June 2023 time period.

Not surprisingly, in the US, the maximum number of AI-skilled members is found in the technology, information and media sectors accounting for 2.2 per cent. This share isn’t big, but it is definitely more than the share in the education space (1.2 per cent), in professional services (0.9 per cent), in financial services (0.9 per cent) and Manufacturing (0.8 per cent).

Those working in the financial services space are adding AI skilles to their profiles fastest (30x), followed by retail (29x) and wholesale (24x). This pace is more than what is witnessed in technology, information and media (11x). A survey of 10 US industries shows that financial services is the only sector where the share of members with AI skills and the speed at which they are adding AI skills to their profiles is more than the industry average. That means, industries other than technology are not only embracing AI early, but are also driving innovation in the area. So, soft skills and AI capability will be key for Indians to thrive in the future of work

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