Indians rate Amazon as most popular employer: Randstad survey

The Company has scored high in terms of financial stability, strong reputation and technological foundation.


According to the Randstad Employer Brand Research (REBR), Amazon is the most attractive employer in India. For the first time in about nine years, the American multinational technology company has been ranked high on the basis of its financial strength, technology-savviness and stable reputation. The second and third most attractive employer brands turned out to be Microsoft India and Sony India.

Google India made it to the Hall of Fame category in 2019 for topping the list for three consecutive years.

Thirty-two countries participated in the REBR survey this year, which covered almost 75 per cent of the global economy and over two lakh respondents across the world.

This year too, Indians have given more importance to salary and employee benefits while selecting an employer. Work-life balance and job security are the next most important factors.

For women, salary and benefits are more important compared to men. Forty-nine per cent women gave consideration to salary and benefits, whereas 47 per cent attached more importance to work-life balance. On the other hand, 46 per cent men ranked salary and benefits as important and an equal percentage said work-life balance was the most important consideration.

Interestingly, Indian employees have started giving more importance to work-life balance than in the past. In fact, 23 per cent are willing to compromise on the remuneration for job security. A significant 52 per cent were willing to let go of over 10 per cent of their salary for job security.

The ten most attractive employer brands in India for 2019 are,

Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, IBM, Larsen & Toubro, Nestle, Infosys, Samsung and Dell in that order.

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