IT professionals in India’s Silicon Valley not hopeful of hikes in 2019: Survey

Employees in the IT sector of Bengaluru and Delhi-NCR expect the least hike in salary this year compared to their counterparts in Mumbai, Chennai and Pune.


According to a survey by, employees from the information technology (IT) sector in Bengaluru have very low expectations in terms of salary hikes this year. In fact, they expect a hike between merely 0 and 10 per cent. This is way lower than the expectations of the IT sectors in Mumbai, Pune and Chennai, where the employees hope to get more than 20 per cent increment.

This is rather surprising, since Bengaluru is considered the IT hub of the country. IT professionals in Delhi-NCR also share the same pessimism as their counterparts in Bengaluru.

Almost 37 per cent of IT professionals in Mumbai are looking forward to an increment of over 20 per cent, whereas in Pune and Chennai, 36 percent and 38 per cent, of IT professionals are expecting a similar hike, respectively. However, in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, only 21 per cent people expect a salary hike of up to 10 per cent. About 20 per cent of their counterparts in Delhi-NCR region expect very low increments.

On mapping the lowest expectations across sectors and cities, the survey found that Bengaluru was amongst the least demanding cities when it came to increments. One fifth of those surveyed in the city seemed to be happy with the 10 per cent hike.

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