Only 46% employees excited about metaverse compared to 66% employers

There is a difference in enthusiasm between employees and employers when it comes to the prospect of a metaverse workplace


At the very thought of a metaverse workplace the difference in the excitement and enthusiasm levels of the employees versus employers is huge. Employers are more excited and optimistic while the employees turned out to be more anxious and curious, as per a recent survey by ExpressVPN!

When asked how they felt about the metaverse, only about 46 per cent employees said they were excited while 66 per cent employers expressed excitement. In terms of optimism too, the employers scored higher, with 54 per cent employers clearly optimistic compared to only 32 per cent employees. While 51 per cent employees were curious and about 17 per cent confused, only about 45 per cent employers were curious and 11 per cent confused about the metaverse workplace.

Employees are more anxious (24 per cent) than employers (14 per cent) about metaverse. In fact, 16 per cent employees distrust the concept compared to 10 per cent employers. About 20 per cent employees admitted to being suspicious about it, while only 16 per cent employers were suspicious.

There is more pessimism amongst employees, with 16 per cent being pessimistic compared to only 14 per cent employers. About 14 per cent employees and 13 per cent employers are fearful.

Even when asked about the positive effects of the metaverse on the workplace and creativity, the employers are more sure of and looking forward to the positive effects than the employees.

So what is it that interests them in the metaverse, if at all?

A significant 45 per cent feel it will offer them more flexibility in terms of work from home, while 36 per cent feel it will make it easier for them to collaborate with their colleagues and co-workers. About 33 per cent feel that there will be more job opportunities, and an equal percentage are eager to enjoy virtual travel. About 32 per cent feel the metaverse will result in more social interactions. About 31 per cent are sure it will replace Teams, Zoom and other conference call tools.

About 29 per cent feel it will offer infinite, custom workspace, while 25 per cent think it will give them a competitive edge in the workforce. About 24 per cent believe the metaverse will have lesser barriers for those with disabilities or physical limitations. The ability to create an avatar is what 24 per cent of the employees looking forward to. About 23 per cent are attracted by less commute and 17 per cent by the ability to receive compensation in cryptocurrency.

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