Technology will soon eat up women’s jobs: Report

180 million jobs for women are at high risk, while 26 million jobs for women in 30 countries are likely to be displaced by technology and automation within the next two decades.


Just imagine what the world will look like if machines completely displace humans in every aspect of work. Earlier, people were worried that work is turning them into machines, but now they worry that machines will completely replace them and leave them struggling to eke a living. Men may still have some time, but for women the day has come when technology will replace them completely. According to an International Monetary Fund(IMF) report, nearly 180 jobs for women are at a high risk of getting displaced globally. While advancement in technologies may cut costs for employers and companies, a lot of women may have to suffer from this by losing their jobs.

As per the report, jobs and routine work carried out by women are most likely to be automated. Eleven per cent of the jobs for women are at a risk of getting displaced whereas for men, the number stands at nine per cent. It is the work done by older and less education women, low-skill clerical services and sales positions that are most exposed to automation. Also, 26 million jobs for women in 30 countries are likely to be displaced by technology within the next two decades.

IMF has warned the world that the problem at hand is big. Therefore, immediate attention and measures are needed to control the situation. IMF urges women to be equipped with necessary abilities and knowledge so that they can overcome the surging reign of technology, which may take away their source of livelihood. ‘Policies should be made to equip women with skills, close gender gap in leadership and bridge the digital gender divide,’ says IMF.

While it is considered that men have had it relatively easy in terms of freedom, prospects and openings, in every aspect of life, women have been continuously struggling for equal opportunities and rights. Just when women across the globe had begun to break their shackles and lead independent lives, technology has now thrown new challenges on their path to deliverance.

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