What are the Top 5 trending skills in India?

According to the 2021 Asia-Pacific Workplace Learning Trends study by Udemy, Microsoft AZ-900 tops the list of skills that are in demand


A study by Udemy, about the workplace learning trends across workplaces in the Asia-Pacific, reveals that the top five skills trending in India are: Microsoft AZ-900, software testing, IELTS, Microsoft certification and e-mail etiquette, in that order.

With remote collaboration becoming more of a necessity after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite clear that adaptability is the only way forward for individuals and organisations alike. Based on the course consumption of Udemy for Business, Udemy has come out with the 2021 Asia-Pacific Workplace Learning Trends report. The study reveals that in the Asia-Pacific region, the demand for certain skills has gone up.

Topping the list of highly sought-after roles are hybrid tech roles. With agility being the keyword in all aspects, especially project management, employees with expertise in a single domain are no longer sought after.

With roles becoming increasingly hybrid, employees are encouraged to broaden their skill sets and acquire expertise in other subject areas and subjects related to their roles or functions. Therefore, even though hyper-specialised roles will continue to exist, extra skills will always come in handy. For instance, software developers would benefit from skills, such as DevOps and cloud computing. Japan witnessed the highest growth in demand in related skills, such as software testing and infrastructure architecture.

With most of the workforce working remotely, solving problems will require diverse teams to collaborate online and come up with innovative solutions. Therefore, collaboration is the key for all remote workers. The year 2020 saw a significant shift from ‘remote-accessible’ to ‘remote-first’ thinking in terms of collaboration design. Across all APAC nations, collaboration was a major priority, especially in India, Singapore and Indonesia

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