Women professionals are equally ambitious as men: Report

9 in 10 American women professionals want to be promoted to the next level, while 3 in 4 are looking to take on senior leadership roles


In 2019, seven out of 10 women wanted to be promoted to the next level. In about four years, this figure has improved with about eight women wanting to be promoted to the next level in 2023. Clearly, the pandemic has not affected their energy or enthusiasm.

The Women in the Workplace 2023 report by McKinsey says that at every stage of the organizational hierarchy, the commitment of women to their careers is as strong as that of men in corporate America. Women in the US are equally keen to be promoted as their male counterparts. The study also found that younger women are more ambitious, and not surprisingly, nine in 10 wish to be promoted to the next level, while three in four hold aspirations of senior leadership roles.

94% men and 93% women aged 30 or under are keen for promotions

That women are just as committed to their careers as men is clear from the fact that 96 per cent men and 96 per cent women admit that their career is very important to them. While 96 per cent men aged 30 and below find their career to be very important, it is heartening to note that 97 per cent of women in this age bracket feel the same way. About 94 per cent American men aged 30 or under are keen for a promotion, whereas 93 per cent of women in this age bracket are keen to be promoted to the next level. A majority of male employees (81 per cent) look forward to being promoted and an equal number of women employees (81 per cent) are keen to be promoted.

Seventy-nine per cent of women working onsite, 83 per cent of those working hybrid and 80 per cent of women following the remote-work model are keen to get promoted to the next level. That means, hybrid-working or remote-working women are as ambitious as their male and female counterparts working in-person from the physical office. Interesingly, 79 per cent of men working onsite (Same as women), 85 per cent of men following hybrid work and 80 per cent remote-working men are ambitious.

Flexibility has only fuelled women’s professional aspirations

Clearly, women who enjoy flexible schedules are as ambitious as the women who do not. Flexibility, in fact, has given women more space to fulfil their career dreams.

One in five women admit that flexibility has been instrumental to their being loyal to their organisation and working without compromising on the work hours. This arrangement has also reduced their stress levels as most of these women admit that they are not as burnt out as before and feel less tired. According to them, remote work has allowed them to focus better on work completion.

Another pertinent discovery was that even remote-working women or those who work hybrid will consider taking on a job that is less demanding or working less hours.

Flexible work has allowed women to adjust their daily domestic routines and personal commitments around their professional schedules or vice versa, whichever suits them.

Personal life can be prioritised without sacrificing ambitions

The report also reveals that women who are investing more in their personal time and lives are doing so without really compromising on their ambitions. Thanks to the pandemic, women have come to realise that it is possible for them to strike a balance between work and personal life. Therefore, most are working towards prioritising their personal interests and lives, but without sacrificing their ambitions and aspirations. Their keenness to pay more attention to their personal life has not come in the way of their pursuing their careers and ambitions. They have realised that personal happiness does not have to come at the expense of sacrificing one’s professional life. Not surprising then that 97 per cent women are doing what it takes to prioritise their personal lives while giving importance to their career. A whopping 82 per cent are keen to be promoted!

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