How to achieve ‘alpha’ status at work


The alpha status isn’t always linked to talent but to popularity and playing the role of an influencer.


Remember the ‘alpha’ student in your school—that boy or girl who was very popular? The one every second student would want to befriend?

The alpha status isn’t always linked to talent but to popularity and playing the role of an influencer. There are also people in our workplaces who have achieved the alpha status. Here is how you can do so too.

Avoid the gossip mill

Gossip is an integral part of any office culture, but it spreads negativity. While gossip mongers may be liked by a few, there would be more who dislike them, especially those who are victims of such gossip. No one likes to be gossiped about. Also, gossip mongers are seen as untrustworthy people with a weak character. So, the first thing the alpha worker will avoid is being part of any gossip.     

Be helpful

Be it office, school or the society you live in, there will always be a few people who will be ever ready to extend help. They come across as genuine people, liked by many people. The same rule works at the workplace as well.

At any place of work, there will be a few odd people who need help to cope with work pressure or deliveries. Those who extend help during the time of crisis are always liked and their popularity grows.

The same goes with a new joinee. Every new joinee takes some time to learn and adapt to the company culture and practices. The first few weeks are always very crucial for the new employees. They build a strong opinion about their colleagues and the company during this time. Any help or solidarity shown during this period is remembered for a lifetime. And the person who offers such solidarity moves an inch closer to the alpha status.

Be genuine

Genuineness has a direct co-relation with likeability. People appreciate genuine comments and are clever enough to distinguish between genuine and fake compliments. So it is always advisable to compliment peers and colleagues without faking it or showing off. If someone has done a good work, one should always go out of the way to encourage that person.  Everyone likes to be complimented for their efforts, and this is the best opportunity to make an impact.

Take responsibility

When you take responsibility for your mistakes, or you go out to defend the team taking the onus on yourself, you are seen as a person with strong individual traits. Hiding failures or diverting blame will corrode your reputation. And if you take responsibility, you straight away leap forward to achieving the alpha status. 

Be an influencer and not just be liked

It’s good to be the nice guy but that doesn’t always help. There are many people who prefer not to be the nice guy just so that they be authoritative. Well, that’s certainly a wrong thinking. Influencing is more important in order to achieve that alpha status. The fact is that wanting to be liked can be undermining. For instance, “If you’re the kind of boss whose authority is based only on being liked, it can be very difficult to be tough on the staff or give negative feedback. At the workplace, there is no point of just winning friends if you are not able to influence them.

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