5 unique ways companies worldwide bring some fun into workplace


Injecting the fun and humour element at the workplace can bring a visible change to employee engagement

How often do people enter their workplace with a spring in their step? Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, not very often! However, workplaces don’t really have to be boring, as it doesn’t take too much to bring in a little fun element into them. It is something that can have a great impact on employee happiness and overall productivity.

Providing a purpose to perform, letting people see value in their contribution to the business and clear communication are some of the key elements to ensuring employee engagement, but fun at work is something that just cannot be undermined for its ability to bring about a change in the overall work environment.

Here are a few interesting fun initiatives that some organisations across the globe take up to inject some fun and quirk into work.

Scoot and skate through bays

Simplest of routine activities, such as walking up to a colleague sitting at the other end of the office or making your way to the watercooler on foot, can become a fun break too! Hopping on a kick scooter, a skateboard, or a hoverboard to go around in the office campus is much more fun. Companies, such as Popcap, Facebook and Mashable have been encouraging this sporty fun at their campuses.

Nerf gun battles

Nerf guns, are toy guns that shoot darts. Harmless and fun, Nerf guns are the last things an office will think of introducing. Who does that really? However, there are companies that have done it and even posted their Nerf battle videos on YouTube! In fact, CashLinq, a US-based company, not just promotes Nerf gun fights in the office but also issues a gun to its employees the moment they come on board. It may sound crazy but ultimately, for those who are cool and love being whacky, it’s a great idea for team bonding.

‘Cool’ decorations

It always feels nice to be surrounded by things that are quirky and fun. It is one of the easiest ways to keep the environment lively and trendy at the same time—for instance, decorations inspired by current memes or whatever is considered cool at that point of time. Facebook has put up the Charlie Sheen meme and the Obama Hope poster in the office premises, while YouTube has demonstrated its liking for the Star Wars-original Legos at its office.

Music to the rescue

The daily afternoon flash mob at Canon India is a way to help employees shake off the usual afternoon lethargy. The employees dance to the peppy, aerobics-like music for a minute or so, just to energise and rejuvenate, and get rid of the slight laziness that tends to creep in during that hour.

Creative conference rooms

It is definitely interesting to give names with puns to conference rooms or names based on some kind of retro pop culture. Now consider names, such as Second Floor Northwest, Fighting Chuck Norris or Land War in Asia. These creative names sound amusing for sure, but certainly raise the humour quotient for not just the employees but also visitors to the office. They kick up some energy right at the start of meetings. Mind you, all these are names of conference rooms at Facebook!

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