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20k+ govt. posts to be filled in 5 months: Gujarat CM

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced that over 20,000 jobs will be offered to candidates in the state in the next five months....

Jharkhand may reserve govt jobs for only govt school passouts

“Government jobs should be reserved only for those who have been educated in government schools,” believes Jagarnath Mahto, school education and literacy minister, Jharkhand...

Youth more attracted to banking and government jobs: Survey

Looks like Indian youth give more importance to job security and work-life balance than to salary, according to a survey by Oliveboard. Of the 5000...

Government job applicants to go through 7-step screening process

The process begins with tracking of a candidate’s Internet footprint to getting a final clearance from the Prime Minister’s Office 

Will bureaucracy play spoilsport in ‘lateral hiring’ by Government?

Senior corporate leaders welcome this fresh move by the government, but they also have their share of apprehension. HRKatha reports. 

State governments promise mass-scale jobs for unemployed

The Gujarat and Punjab governments plan to create employment opportunities for 9 lakh and 25 lakh youth, respectively.

Government to leverage experience of retired employees

The Government wants utilise the talent pool of retired professionals to carry forward its flagship programmes.

Job posts in Govt., PSUs, PSBs to be equalised

The government wants to ensure that the children of staffs serving in lower categories of PSUs and other institutions can avail the benefit of OBC category reservations, which will be at par with the children of staffs serving in lower categories of the Government.

Government will not withhold appointment letters due to pending verification

Provisional appointment letters will be issued after obtaining the attestation form and self-declaration from the candidates.

Is corporate India ready to hire mediocre?

The basic hiring strategy and talent requirement is different for the private and public sectors. In such a scenario, are they ready to drink from the same pool?

Ensure sustainable development through inclusion and empowerment

Almost every major global issue has its roots in some form of inequality. There is an imbalance of social, economic and political power between...

Busyness to Business

Ten key skills required in an age of digital transformation

As a growing number of organisations integrate digital technologies into all aspects of their business, digital transformation has come to be regarded as the...


Has crisis given rise to the need for cross-functional learning?

When the lockdown was announced, people and organisations had no clue as to what hit them. The sudden crisis changed everything overnight. All signs...
Gratuity to be paid on termination of employment only after 5 years of service

Indian workers will spend more time using technology than manual skills: Report

'The Future of Work after COVID-19’ report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), reveals that several companies adopted artificial intelligence (AI) in grocery outlets,...

Unemployment peaks in the UK, more aid expected from finance minister

As people of Britain wait with bated breath for the March 3 budget statement, it is expected that Rishi Sunak, finance minister of the...

‘Unlimited leaves, work from anywhere’: Grant Thornton Bharat to staff

Grant Thornton Bharat LLP, the accounting firm, has decided to allow its employees unlimited leaves and also work from anywhere. There will be no limit...


Binding multi-faceted employees with Titan Values

Titan has different sets of employees for different functions and verticals, ranging from the shopfloor to the retail stores. How do you bring in...

The right people policy for startups – Madan Nagaldinne

You happen to have worked mostly with large organisations. How different is it working for a startup now? When you have worked for big...

“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...