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The 30-30-30-10 rule in hiring

When in a tight schedule, the 30-30-30-10 rule turns out to be quite effective. It helps in making a confident decision. Here is how.

JLT’s new Pune office to hire 300 freshers

The office will serve as the business continuity site and also strengthen the company’s design and innovation division.  

ONGC scouts for graduate trainees

At a time when most global oil companies are downsizing, ONGC is trying to beef it up.

Central government and its PSUs to have a new recruitment policy

From Dec 27, 2018 onwards, the National Skills Qualifications Framework will be mandatory for all central government and central government- owned PSU jobs

State Bank of India may have a new HR policy

The state-owned bank is hoping to put a new hiring as well as appraisal policy in place.

Rolls-Royce scouts for 500 engineers for its Bengaluru facility

The company wants to ensure that it has the right people, with the right capabilities and skills to deliver to customers.

Oracle scouts for sales professionals to sell cloud

The company plans to increase its sales force by 1,000 new hires in the Asia Pacific region.

Bosch to hire 2,400 engineers in India

By 2020, the company  wants to increase the share of women leaders to 20 per cent worldwide.

New hiring guidelines at regional rural banks: AIRRBOF resists

The recommendation suggests outsourcing non-core functions and bringing down future hiring plans at the regional rural banks by at least 10–12 per cent.

Ola Cabs appoints Yugantar Saikia as VP-Human Resources

Online taxi and auto rickshaw aggregator Ola Cabs is all set to scale up its HR function and Saikia to play a vital role in sourcing top talent

Is ‘Purple Squirrel’ a myth in talent acquisition?

A ‘Purple Squirrel’ is a game changer, armed with every attribute-education, competencies and experience- that would make him/her to be the ultimate find for an employer.

How start-ups can hire better

Like every start-up promises a differentiated delivery, be it product or service, a fresh approach is much needed when it comes to spotting and sourcing a talent, and also to retain and nurture them.

Chasing Maverics: When hiring and marketing go together

Maveric Systems is evaluating candidates through a radio show on Chennai Live. The company hopes to find the best fit for the role and also create some buzz around the brand.


Coal India to go on a hiring spree

The PSU is looking at long-term plans to expand its workforce...




Five ways to ensure that employees learn continuously

With technology evolving faster than ever and job roles becoming more niche, career paths are just not linear anymore. Employees look forward to learning...

Employee Benefits & Engagement


How is visibility of employees essential for their engagement?

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Employee engagement: Is the road smooth?

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How professional development can ensure employee engagement

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How Ola is developing an entrepreneurial mindset among its employees

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E&Y’s regressive training content for women employees draws flak

Last June, about 30 women employees of Ernst and Young, New Jersey, happened to attend a leadership training. However, the advice given to them...

Central Government employees can accept gifts worth up to Rs 5000

The Central Government has hiked the monetary limit for accepting gifts for its employees. While the earlier limit was Rs 1500, with the amended...

University of South Florida announces 5th Kalam PG fellowship for Indian students

To mark the late President APJ Abdul Kalam's birth anniversary, the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa has announced the fifth Kalam Postgraduate...



“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...

“Traditional organisations use ‘startups’ as proxy to build an agile organisation,” Rahul Garg, founder,...

Moglix offers a variety of products from safety and electronics to office tools. The Company aims to make an impact worth $100 billion dollars...

“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...