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Amid struggle for cash and growth, Snapdeal decides to cut staff

Operations managers across the country have been sent e-mails to “right size” their respective teams.

120 retrenched journalists of ABP and The Telegraph get decent severance...

Journalists who have spent more than two decades have been promised a basic salary till their retirement age.

GE cuts jobs in Niskayuna, NY; brings in robots and AI

The layoffs happen at a time when the company is focussing and investing heavily on software, robotics and AI.

Fitbit to cut down 6% of its workforce amid market slowdown

The company plans to cut six percent of its global workforce because of fourth-quarter results going way below expectations.

Seagate cuts 2000 jobs: Shuts down factory in China

The move, a result of subdued market demand, is aimed to optimise operational efficiency.

Walmart to cut jobs: targets HR team

This time, as part of the restructuring exercise, the lay-offs are reportedly going to affect the stores’ large human resources department. 

90 people to lose job as Disney India decides to stop...

About 15 per cent of the company's total India workforce, of approx. 600, will lose their jobs.

ZTE cuts 3000 jobs globally

The Shenzhen-based telecoms gear maker, is reportedly laying off about five per cent of its 60,000 strong global workforce.

LeEco India looks to rightsizing its workforce

The company is apparently looking at controlling costs and revamping its strategies.

Demonetisation hits jobs in the construction sector: 25% staff laid off

The cash crunch and resulting demand slump have taken a toll on small and medium enterprises, as companies are looking to lay off 25 per cent of their workforce.

Standard Chartered to trim workforce by 10 per cent

As part of cost cutting, the organisation is planning to lay off a tenth of its global workforce beginning with Singapore and Hong Kong.


Digitisation and agility take away 14,000 jobs at L&T

During April–September this year the company laid off 14,000 employees across businesses, to stay agile and competitive.

HP may cut up to 4,000 jobs by 2019

The company is facing a subdued market with its shares coming down 1.3 per cent in extended trading.

Volkswagen may cut up to 2,500 jobs through voluntary retirements

The automaker may move employees into early retirement, every year, over the next decade.

Bank of America to cut Asia investment banking jobs

These job cuts— a part of an annual cost trimming plan —will account for a small portion of its total Asia corporate and investment banking staff.

Ericsson to cut 3,000 jobs: Plans to stop manufacturing in Sweden

The company is apparently planning to cut 3,000 jobs as part of the cost cutting and manufacturing unit shut-down plan.

Job cuts speculated as Dell acquires EMC

Dell Technologies will cut 2,000–3,000 jobs, majorly in the United States.


Apple rethinks strategy on self-driving cars; lays off employees

The tech giant has apparently shut shop on parts of its most ambitious initiatives — the self-driving car.

Infosys to reshuffle 3,000 jobs post RBS’ decision to cancel project

The company will carry out an orderly ramp-down, chiefly in India, over the next few months.

Layoffs: Microsoft 4%; Flipkart 2%

While Microsoft wishes to focus on the phone hardware business, Flipkart states the need to do away with underperformers.

Things to do after – ‘You Are Fired!’

So what, if you are fired? Don’t fret. This is the best time to explore other opportunities or even alternative careers.

Grofers curtails workforce by over 10 percent

Grocery delivery service, Grofers has decided to lay-off 10 percent of its workforce, and at the same time has revoked joining of 67 fresh hires.

Intel to lay off 12,000 employees

The process will be executed over the next 60 days with some actions spanning into 2017. 

Layoff at IBM: Severance package reduced to a month

There have been several media reports since the evening of March 2, 2016 on the same. One tech website has reported that the retrenchment could be as big as one-third of the total workforce.

When layoffs become inevitable: The painful story

Loss of job is undoubtedly an emotional time when people feel alone, scared and vulnerable. It is important for an employer to smoothen the termination process, show compassion and empathy and re-instate trust. The employees must see the decision as a necessity for business rather than a witch hunt!

Next qtr will see more hiring and firing: Survey

Around 38 per cent of participating companies plan to fire managerial-level employees, while there will be only 29 per cent reduction in the workforce in the current quarter. Speed of hiring is expected to go up from 62 to 88 per cent.

127-Yr Old National Geographic to lay off employees

This is an important decision as in the 127 year old history for National Geographic, this is the biggest instance of a layoff drive.

HP split costs 30,000 jobs

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, the newly formed company hopes to reduce costs by $ 2.7 billion through this layoff. 

Microsoft to layoff 7,800 people from phone business

The layoff is an outcome of its plan to restructure its phone hardware business to better focus and align resources.

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