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"HR is not about HR, it's about the business." - Jac Fitz-enz

At HRKatha, we are passionate about providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on all aspects of HR across Asia. Our platform has grown to become the leading source of HR news and insights in the region, with over 3 million page views a month.

Founded by Prajjal Saha, a senior B2B journalist, our journey started eight years ago, and we have since established ourselves as a prominent publication in the HR industry.

Prajjal’s vision was to create a platform that would provide HR professionals and business leaders with insights and ideas on how to navigate the rapidly changing world of work.

Today, we take pride in our simple yet effective approach to content creation, which enables us to reach a wide range of professionals across different levels and functions within organizations.
One thing that sets us apart from other B2B media publications is our ability to make HR topics accessible to non-HR professionals. We believe that everyone can benefit from understanding HR best practices, which is why our content appeals to all types of professionals.

The modern workplace is undergoing significant transformations, and HRKatha is at the forefront of addressing the challenges that arise from these changes. Our articles provide new perspectives and ideas on how to tackle the issues that arise from the rise of remote work, changing workforce demographics, and technological disruption.

Our monthly print magazine provides in-depth coverage of HR trends and best practices, and it’s a must-read for HR professionals who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

We also take pride in our intellectual event properties such as The Great HR Debate, The Happiness Conclave & Automation.NXT. These events are unique in terms of content and bring together industry experts, HR professionals, and business leaders to share insights and ideas. They are an excellent opportunity for networking and learning from peers in the industry.

Our team of experienced journalists and HR professionals is dedicated to providing our readers with well-researched, thought-provoking, and engaging content. Our features cover a wide range of topics, from talent acquisition and management to diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and workplace culture.

At HRKatha, we are committed to being the go-to destination for anyone interested in HR. Our features are insightful, informative, and thought-provoking, making us an essential source of information for HR professionals, business leaders, and anyone interested in the world of work.

Please do give us your feedback at editorial@hrkatha.com.

Our Story

An experienced journalist and content expert, with two decades of
experience in business journalism. Has been working in digital for last 18 years, with an understanding of issues like UI design and most importantly, enjoys high credibility with the industry.

The HR function is no longer the sidekick of an organisation. Rather, it’s the most important strategic partner-an ace in the hole. The changing
dynamics have given enough reasons for HR to own a medium, and enjoy a dedicated audience. HRKatha is this medium-a place where every HR practitioner can visit, discuss, opine and share her/his
knowledge and experience. We strongly believe that Human Resource Management is no longer the concern of just one department; its touch is felt across sectors, levels and functions. This is why, when we
conceived HRKatha, the first thing we wanted to do was demystify HRM to the extent that it cuts across functions. Our endeavour is to bring
together the best practices, culture, tools, training and developent methods that are being initiated, and adapted by the Indian corporates. HRKatha offers deep analyses, enterprise reporting, interesting photos and videos, and the works of senior industry professionals in business, every day.

It has emerged as the staple source of information for the entire HR
fraternity with the core objective of propagating the importance of HRM in organisations. With a progressive design, it is accessible through all multimedia screens at your convenience. HRKatha is founded by a group of journalists under the guidance of Prajjal Saha and some senior professionals whose knowledgeable views and opinions are of great
substance. Happy Reading!

“HR is on its way to becoming
the most critical branding skill
of the 21st century, and the more
experiential brands become, the
truer this will be.”



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  • HRKatha, not just keeps us updated with what's happening in the HR world, but it's also an effective platform for promoting our multiple brands and products. Glad to be associated.

    Pankaj Bansal

    Co-Founder and CEO, PeopleStrong
  • We have been associated with HRKatha for almost an year. We areworking with them to develop unique content which has been effective in our marketing efforts. and I must say it has given a huge impetus to our product. Am happy to be associated with HRKatha.

    Partha Neog

    CEO, Vantage Circle
  • Being a fan of HRKatha for little more than a year we tried to partner with them recently to reach out a wider audience to share Duke Corporate Education's thought leadership articles and also publicize our upcoming events in the region. We indeed got great readership through this channel. We are genuinely proud of this Partnership.

    Deenky Shah

    Project Director, Duke CE India
  • "HRKatha, an enjoyable read & an excellent source of information on HR for both practitioners & the general readers. It does a great job in selecting topical subjects with a focused effort on research. They are bound to set standards for the future."

    Richard Lobo

    EVP & head HR Infosys
  • "HRKatha is at the forefront of news on HR. Have always found them quick & responsive to dynamic shifts in this space. I look forward to reading the many interesting perspectives contributed by senior HR professionals across industries. The digital format makes it easy and a very convenient read."

    Geethaa Ghaneckar

    EVP HDFC Bank
  • "HRKatha is a great initiative for HR professionals to stay abreast with the latest thinking on talent management and people practices. I like the well researched whitepapers; organised and regularly updated sections on various aspects of HR. I hope it finds a wider readership and best wishes to the team for good work."

    Rattan Chugh

    Chief People Officer Times Internet
  • "HRKatha is current, contemporary and an easy read. It is a great place to visit to understand the subtle shifts happening in HR today across the industries. It’s comprehensively structured and with multiple perspectives on people practices & the talent landscape."

    Shailesh Menezes

    Director HR, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • "HRKatha is trying to bring in the much needed objectivity in HR literature and people sciences. I wish them all the success."

    Madan Nagaldinne

    Chief People Officer, Blink Health
  • "HRKatha has been able to fill a gap which was there for keeping abreast with the latest in related areas. I find the topics being covered are extremely relevant & contemporary. In a very short span of time it has become a daily chronical for HR professionals."

    Rajeshwar Tripathi

    Chief People Officer, Mahindra & Mahindra
  • "HRKatha has wonderfully created a white space in online readership in reporting HR news as it happens and creating thought leadership on contemporary issues. It is interesting to see how the online platform provides an opportunity to each HR practitioner & Indian corporate to discuss, opine & share their experiences & insights to benefit each other. The HRKatha team is pleasant, well informed and honest."

    Emmanuel David

    Director, Tata Management Training Centre

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News, trends and analysis, as well as breaking news alerts, to help HR professionals do their jobs better each business day.