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HR FORECAST 2024Feeling the grip of the productivity panic? Struggling to define flexibility in a hybrid world? Worried about how Generative AI can take up jobs? Then prepare to unlock the insights you need with HRForecast 2024.
This essential report gathers the wisdom of 43 senior HR leaders across diverse industries, offering a 360-degree view of the future of work. Get ready to explore:
Evolving workplace models: Flexible pay, flexible hours, flexible mindsets – what’s next for the post-pandemic office?
The GenAI revolution: How will Generative AI transform learning, talent management, and even the jobs we do?
Building trust in a distributed world: Tips for fostering connection, collaboration, and productivity beyond the physical office walls.
Strategic HR as the future: Discover how HR can take the lead in shaping company culture, driving innovation, and attracting top talent.
And much more! Insights on skills development, diversity & inclusion, productivity metrics, and navigating the ever-changing landscape of work.
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